YIAGA Post Election Conference On Nigeria Elections 2015

In May 2015, Orodata was part of Youth Initiative for Advocacy Growth and Advancement (YIAGA) post election conference in Abuja, Nigeria targeted at showcasing projects implemented during the 2015, and also discussing the Nigeria elections and Nigeria elections 2015 results.

We showcased and shared the success story of our Election Data Analytics & Visualization (EDAV) project. In one of the plenary session of the event we started by sharing objectives, activities, challenges, lessons learnt and the project’s Impact. Our activities involved election data search, data mining while leveraging open sourced environments. It also involved data aggregation, interpreting. visualizing. publishing and strategically sharing so as to make viral impact.

Nigeria elections nigeria elections 2015 results

Using interactive visualizations, we were able to reach about 926,226 People as at  April. 22. 2015, the last time we evaluated our impact. As for the challenges and lessons learnt, Blaise Aboh, Data Visualization Architect had this to say during his presentation at the 3-day conference;

“Election Data was big and we couldn’t mine it all. We had a small team and decided to visualize and share as much as we could handle. We also noticed that propaganda in the 2015’s election was at an all time high that it silenced the real issues that matter most so we stuck with our open source social chatter monitor so as to know when to publish and advocate.” 

“We listened in and waited, then published data when it seemed a propaganda or trend had died down. We also understood that visual data held attention and was engaged with 1.000 times more than data in text in some cases we tried to clarify and publish data related to a propaganda with hope it over shadow the propaganda”.

Below is Blaise during the presentation at the Yiaga Conference.

See or download presentation.

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