Artificial Intelligence  (AI) for Good

Since 2018, we have been harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for good, to tackle global challenges. We have developed AI solutions to improve civic education during democratic processes, and AI to simplify access to rich data during news creation. We have also developed educational and guiding documents on creating content with AI, using AI responsibly, and auditing AI algorithms. We believe AI ought to be used ethically.
We have also presented on the future benefits for organizations using Artificial Intelligence (AI) at global stages, and have helped global corporations and philanthropies design global AI-themed festivals. We are not new to Artificial Intelligence (AI) .
We believe in Artificial Intelligence’s problem-solving abilities for some of humanity’s most pressing challenges. This includes using AI to analyze climate data and develop sustainable solutions, and creating AI-powered tools to improve health services by reducing barriers to accessing primary health data. By harnessing the power of AI for good, we can build a more just, healthy, and prosperous world for all.


Vote:ron AI

2018 – 2019

Voteron is a conversational AI tool we designed and deployed to bridge the gap between Nigerian voters and the information they need to cast informed ballots. Developed by a collaboration between Orodata Science and AI Envoy, an AI research company, Voteron’s goal was to address issues of misinformation during Nigeri8a’s 2019 general elections by putting factual and rich data at the fingertips of electorates.

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Other AI milestones, projects and activities

Creating Fintel Envoy (AI for news creation)


A project created to make a case for robotic journalism and automated content production in news by illustrating the use of augmented reporting technology to automatically generate an almost-human like comparative analysis from rich data sets.

Co-designing an AI-themed festival

We worked with the Mozilla Foundation to help plan and Co-design the Mozilla Festival 2019 — a technology festival that was focused on Better Machine Decision Making and ‘Healthy Artificial Intelligence’. The festival which took place in London had over 50 different events and over 3,000 people in attendance.

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Presenting on the Future of African Media

In November 2019, at Dakar, Senegal— alongside other media, technology, business, government and community leaders from across Africa and beyond we presented at the fifth annual Bloomberg Africa Business Media Innovators forum (ABMI). Under the theme of ‘Business Strategies for African Media’, we presented on how African media organizations can adapt to a changing business landscape using frontier technologies like Artificial Intelligence for Augmented Reporting, to foster a vibrant, competitive media sector on the continent.

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Designing and Developing AI Education Courses

In 2020, on the request of African Women in Media (AWIM), we created and LMS and three educational courses; Automated Content Generation, AI Algorithms in News, and Algorithmic Responsibility and Accountability.  AWIM deployed these products to facilitate AI learning across its ecosystem and networks of journalists, and media organizations.


On Pioneering AI News Creation

We achieved a significant milestone of being mentioned in a research paper ‘Algorithm Governance Framework for Media Regulation in Nigerian Media System’, for pioneering the use of AI-powered tools to create news stories in the public domain in Nigeria.

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